drunk with the only saints i know

author: minervacat
fandom: the boondock saints/angel: the series
pairing: connor/murphy/wesley, implied wesley/lilah, implied connor/murphy
rating: NC-17
summary: if there's a train coming i can't see it/if there's a lesson here i don't need it/i'm gonna slide right down into my own bad idea

author's notes: This is an Angel: the Series/The Boondock Saints crossover fic; while it depends on several points of plot in both canons, it can (and should) be read by people who don't know one or the other of the canons. It's set in the summer between Angel S3 and Angel S4; consider that it has spoilers fully through the end of the Saints and through the final episode of Angel S3.

This epic would not have been possible without Insidian, who cheered me on, sent me labelled diagrams of crossbows when I flailed at her, and tried to teach me to say a rosary. She did the brunt of the editing, and it was her idea to begin with - I am in her debt completely. *LOFF*

Melly and Pam did beta duty; Bear and Manda cheered me on and listened to me whine about finer points of the plot to no end; Tricky keeps me going with pictures of Norman's tattoos; and every one of you who said, "Yeah, I'll read that": I owe you guys, too.

If you are not already a fanfiction reader who thinks they might want to delve into my works beginning with this story, just because you've heard so much about it - there is quite a bit of (canon) violence to be found in this, as well as graphic M/M/M sex in the second section. If boys rolling around naked together's not your thing, skip this, and I'll point you to something much safer.

Feedback is most welcome and cherished like diamonds; you can feel free to email me at minervacat @ livejournal . com. I'd love to hear from you.

part one: western union desperate in l.a. (los angeles)
part two: ash wednesday blues (las vegas)
part three: the road to my regret (los angeles)

soundtrack: carissa's weird - drunk with the only saints i know | mason jennings - simple life | mary loud lord - western union desperate | anders osbourne - ash wednesday blues | u2 - love rescue me | soul coughing - moon sammy

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