Author: Minervacat
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Bean/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Astin corners Sean the next day and tells him that it's bad enough he's defiling Orlando all over the place, the least Sean can do is keep it off his car.

Orlando is very pretty and very pliable and a desperately good fuck, and he does this thing with his tongue when he's giving head that makes Sean want to sell his soul to the Devil, but if he doesn't stop giving running narration when Sean fucks him, Sean's going to shove Orlando's head through the plaster above the headboard on Orli's bed.


Sean's sitting on Viggo's back porch one night, just for a breath of fresh air and because he's like to smack the hobbits upside the head if they don't shut up for one bloody second. He's sitting in the dark, enjoying the cast of light from the kitchen and the night sounds outside and the rumble of the party in the background. He's got his eyes closed, just for a minute, and he's half-hard already, just thinking about taking Orlando home when all this stuff breaks up later.

The door to the porch slams, and Sean blinks his eyes open. Orlando's standing between his legs, shadowed by way the kitchen light falls, his eyes hooded and dark. Before Sean can blink or breathe or contemplate fucking Orli up against Viggo's garden shed, Orlando's on his knees, hands on Sean's trousers, Sean's cock in his hand and then in his mouth.

Sean lets Orlando blow him on Viggo's back porch, fisting his hands in Orlando's hair and thrusting into his mouth with no care as to his gag reflex at all. Sean spurts into the back of Orli's throat, bites all the way through his bottom lip to keep from screaming, and tightens one hand around Orlando's neck so fiercely it leaves bruises.

When he opens his eyes minutes later, still panting, Orlando is still kneeling between his legs, his cheek resting against Sean's thigh. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, grins at Sean cheekily and unfolds himself off the porch floor. He disappears back into the kitchen and neither one has said a single word.

Sean fucks Orlando up against the hood of Astin's car when they leave the party that night. Orlando is utterly silent for once, and comes all over the car's front mudguard.

Astin corners Sean the next day and tells him that it's bad enough he's defiling Orlando all over the place, the least Sean can do is keep it off his car.

Sean grins and bares his teeth at Astin - and that's all said about the matter after that.

They do stop fucking on the hood of his car, though, just out of courtesy.


Sean is fond of Orlando's ass, which is pale and firm and not at all non-existent like asses on most skinny men. He fucks Orlando hard, on his knees, on his back, bent over the kitchen table in Orli's flat, and he leaves finger-print bruises on Orli's hips, the round crescents of grasping fingernails in the soft curve of his ass. Orlando walks bowlegged most mornings, and all the blood in Sean's body shoots straight to his cock when Orlando turns and catches him watching and flashes him a bloody cheeky grin.


They don't have conversations. They don't go out to dinner. They only do drinks when everyone else is around. Orlando doesn't make him tea and Sean doesn't bring him flowers. The whole thing is four weeks, 29 days start to finish, and they're both left with bruises and aching muscles and really pleasant memories.

Sean's buried up to his bollocks in Orlando's ass when Orli turns his head, panting, grinding against Sean's pelvis in a pleasantly painful way, and says, "I'm going to shag Viggo."

Sean thrusts. Orlando's head smacks against the headboard. "Whatever," Sean says.

Orlando doesn't run off to Viggo immediately after this announcement. He crawls into Sean's bed naked the next night, reeking of whiskey and cigarettes and piss, and startles Sean out of a very nice dream when he wraps a hand around Sean's cock. Orlando brings him off, bites Sean's shoulder hard enough to mark, and passes out. Sean decides to hell with cleaning himself up, rolls over, and wakes the next morning glued to the bed by his own come. Orlando's gone, and if the sheets weren't disgusting, Sean might think the whole thing had just been part of that dream.

Might have been anyway, but he still shoves Orlando up against the back of the makeup trailer when filming's done in the evening and blows him.

Orlando says, "I'm still going to shag Viggo."

Sean says, "Whatever."


Orlando's as good as his word this time, and Elijah's looking at Sean like he wants to eat him alive again, so really - well, Sean thinks, whatever.

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