Quick Study

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Elijah/Bean
Rating: R
Summary: Elijah Wood is exceptionally pretty and exceptionally stupid and Sean doesn't mess with either of those things, and particularly not when they're paired together.

Elijah Wood is an exceptionally stupid child.

Everyone knows this. He's your typical child actor when he arrives on the set, self-possessed and he knows how to act and work professionally and he's absolutely the star of the show, but take him off the set - take him away from everything he's known for his entire life which is all about business and set him down in Viggo's living room or the pub that Billy and Dom like or a sushi place in downtown Wellington - and he's just a monumentally thick-headed 18-year-old kid.

No different from any other stupid teenager, except for the fact that he's exceptionally pretty.

Sean doesn't fuck around with boys. He doesn't fuck around with men much, either, but that's because he's got a family and a life that precludes a lot of fucking around with men. But when he does, he doesn't do it with pretty boys like Elijah Wood with big blue eyes and skin so pale that bruises appear in sharp relief.

Elijah Wood is exceptionally pretty and exceptionally stupid and Sean doesn't mess with either of those things, and particularly not when they're paired together.

The first time Elijah's hand crawls into his lap, underneath the table in a dark corner of their usual pub, Sean twists Elijah's wrist away from the button on his trousers and thinks that the bones would snap if he twisted too hard. He almost wants to try. The next morning, there is a purple bruise on Elijah's pulse point, and if Sean were to lay his thumb on it, it would be a perfect match.

Elijah leaves him alone for a couple of weeks after that, and Sean spends them fucking Orlando sideways, until Sean gets bored and Orlando wanders off to Viggo, no hard feelings on either side.

After that breaks up, or peters out, whichever you want to call it, Elijah corners Sean behind the pay phone by the loos in the pub. It's dark back there, and Sean's on his way to take a piss he desperately needs, and Elijah's tucked behind the phone, the thin stream of smoke pluming above the edge of the booth giving him away. Sean's prepared to sneak right by him, using force if necessary, and have his piss and go back to his beer, but Elijah is quick if not clever beneath his bird bones and he's got Sean backed into a corner, if not pinned to the wall, before Sean can react.

He doesn't have to stay there, of course. Sean could force his way past Elijah with a well-placed shove that might leave more pretty bruises, but the loo can wait another couple of minutes and he's half-pissed, and so therefore this is almost bordering on amusing.

Elijah has one hand on Sean's chest, as though that could hold him against the wall, and a half-smoked fag in the other, and his eyes are bigger and darker than normal in this light. He isn't smiling, a tiny wrinkle between his eyebrows, and Sean knows he's trying to look more serious than he can actually appear. Sean himself is trying not to look amused, but he can feel one corner of his mouth twisting of its own free will, so he says, "What'd you want, hobbit?"

"Stop fucking with me," Elijah breathes, and smoke curls from his nostrils like he's a tiny, blue-eyed dragon. "Stop fucking with me, Bean, and just fuck me."

Elijah Wood is exceptionally pretty, exceptionally stupid, and exceptionally blunt.

Sean's mouth twists all the way up into a sick parody of a smile, he knows, and he steals Elijah's fag, inhales, blows a puff of smoke back into Elijah's face. "Don't play with fire, hobbit," he says, and with one practiced motion he's dropped the fag and he's got Elijah pinned against the wall beside the phone, hand around Elijah's throat.

Sean kisses him, because Elijah's gasping, his pretty mouth hanging open, and he tightens his grip on Elijah's throat, just a little, because he can. When he lets go, Elijah slides down the wall, looking not just well-kissed but well-fucked, and Sean says, "Know what you're getting into before you get into it, next time."

Elijah has bruises around his throat the next morning, and he neither explains them to anyone nor hides them from view. He's in Sean's bed by the end of the week, and he might be stupid, but Elijah is also an exceptionally quick learner.

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