particularly those of you

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Characters: Orlando
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not real, don't know 'em, all fiction.
Summary: Dom isn't worried about his immortal soul, but Orlando can't help but worry for his own.

"Now I resist all photographs
particularly those of you taken in 1970"

- Julia Wendell

Dom once told him that there are people - cultures - in the world who believe that if you have your photograph taken, the camera will steal your soul.

Orlando thinks about this a lot, even though he isn't famous now, because even he is smart enough to know that if these movies break big like they should, he will be. If Orlando has his way after this, his face will be on billboards and the cover of the tabs and he will be a celebrity. And if his face is on a billboard, how much of that is him, his soul, whatever's at the core of who Orlando Bloom is, and how much of it is just his pretty face, without his essence?

He can't answer the question, and thinking about it makes his head hurt, and when he said something about it to Dom, Dom looked at him like he'd lost his mind and claimed no recollection of having told Orlando the thing about stealing souls to begin with. So no answer there, and Dom preens for Viggo's camera every time Viggo turns it on him, anyway.

Dom isn't worried about his immortal soul, but Orlando can't help but worry for his own.

Orlando has never been camera-shy before this, he wouldn't be an actor if he didn't like having million of pairs of eyes trained on him and him alone, but the more he thinks about what Dom told him - and he isn't sure if Dom was having him on or not, but he isn't willing to take chances - the more he finds himself turning his head away when Viggo trains his camera in Orli's direction.

He's sitting at the edge of the set one day, chewing on an apple and waiting for the appropriate variety of light to appear, when Viggo materializes out of nowhere with a camera trained at Orlando's face. It's early, and the sun is starting to warm everything to green, and Orlando knows that it would make a stunning photograph, but still - he puts a hand out to cover the lens.

"Don't," he says.

Viggo cocks an eyebrow at him, his King of Men expression, and remains silent, camera dangling from his fingers, by his side. Orlando says, "Just don't. There'll be enough later, don't you think?"

"They aren't the same," Viggo says. "Red carpet isn't real. This is."

Orlando lets Viggo take the photo, apple in his hand and Legolas's wig on his head. When Viggo prints it, it's almost ethereal, the light and the way his head is turned halfway from the camera and the silly blond wig that Cate says actually suits him.

The photo is both terribly human and strangely unreal, and Orlando looks at it a lot after Viggo tapes it to his mirror in the makeup trailer. That's me, he decides, that's exactly me.

When filming is finished, Orlando steals it, and it keeps him tethered to reality the way one hundred thousand paparazzi shots could never manage.


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