Bolt of Blue

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Bean/Billy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Billy raises one eyebrow at Sean, and his pretty, pretty mouth twists up in a crooked, wicked grin.

Every time I think of you
I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue

- New Order, "Bizarre Love Triangle"

Billy gives as good as he gets, which is a bit of a surprise to Sean, but not entirely an unpleasant one.

Sean hadn't meant, exactly, to sleep his way through the cast quite like he has, but like Billy - it isn't entirely an unpleasant thing. Orlando was a diversion and a bit of fun, and Elijah was just a child, albeit one with a lot of startling darkness in him. Whether that's the fault of the Ring or of Sean himself, Sean's not entirely certain and it was fun while it lasted, but of course it didn't last. Elijah's not one to give everything to the dark, and they'd parted amiably, Elijah meandering off to whoever he meandered to, and Sean returning to the dark corners of the local pubs to stalk someone else with his eyes.

He doesn't get very far in that plan before Billy upends the whole thing.

Not like Elijah - Elijah didn't know what he was getting into, and that, Sean has to admit to himself, made it all the more entertaining. Billy knows what Sean wants, and he knows what he wants, and he sets on Sean with a single-minded determination that even Sean finds a little unnerving.

Sean often forgets that Billy is rather a lot older than the other hobbits and Orlando. The first time Billy catches his eye and holds his gaze with a look that makes Sean's stomach drop out, Sean reminds himself not to forget again.

It's been a long time since a lover's caught Sean unawares like Billy can catch him, and he doesn't particularly like it.

It's unnerving, to say the least, and absolutely scorching hot, as well.

It all starts a night that the whole cast is sitting in a pub, even the girls, and Sean's tucked in a corner between Viggo and Orlando, which is a wee bit odd for him at this point in time, but not unpleasant. Orlando's groping Viggo across Sean's lap, his fingers tucked underneath the waistband of Viggo's trousers, and his arm keeps brushing across Sean's crotch as Orli twists his fingers and Viggo squirms.

Viggo's thigh is pressed firmly against Sean's, unmoving and hot, and after twenty minutes of this game, he's certain that Orlando's feeling him up on purpose. Sean's keeping as straight a face as he can, and he's definitely not thinking about being pressed to a bed (a chair, the hood of his car) by the two of them. Definitely not. That would just be asking for trouble that Sean doesn't need right now, and he's had his go with Orli anyway, and Sean isn't, in general, one to tread the same roads twice.

Been there, done that, and he needs to stay out of the middle of this mess, because Viggo's just someplace Sean would really rather not go, for reasons he himself isn't entirely clear on.

Viggo squirms, Orlando gropes both of them shamelessly, and Sean searches the bar desperately for something to pay attention to that isn't Orlando's hand in his lap.

Billy's standing at the bar with Dominic, one hand wrapped around a full pint. His head is cocked in Dom's direction; as though he's listening to whatever Dominic is ranting about full-force, but when Sean's search for a new focal point stops on Billy, Billy's already looking at him. Sean's certain he hadn't been before, but as he's just trapped Orlando's hand between his thighs, he's not on the top of his game, either.

Billy raises one eyebrow at Sean, and his pretty, pretty mouth twists up in a crooked, wicked grin. Sean stares back, expressionless, Orlando's hand twitching between his legs as Orli struggles to pull it free.

"Y'should learn to behave yourself in public," Sean growls at him and releases Orlando's hand. Sean squeezes past Orlando - who's looking appropriate chagrined if still amused by the whole thing, but at least he knows better than to say anything - and cuts across the bar towards the loo. He's going to take a piss and then he's going to get out of here. He's not in the mood to find Orlando's hand in his lap again.

He doesn't mean to, but before he can stop himself, he's tossing a look at Bill over his shoulder, just enough to see Billy staring at him.

Sean's tucking himself back into his pants when the door to the loo rattles open. It's Billy, which isn't a surprise at all, but his eyes are hooded and he's wearing a smile Sean thought he reserved for Dominic and Dominic alone: a smile much like Elijah's eat-you-alive smile, but unlike Elijah, Billy has some teeth behind his.

"Not fancying a grope under the table tonight?" Billy says, lounging against the one cubicle while Sean washes his hands.

"Not from Orlando," Sean says. Billy's still got his pint in one hand, and he's staring at Sean like Sean's got all kinds of answers to every great world problem written on his face - which a quick check in the mirror proves he does not.

"Been there, done that, eh?"

"And got the bloody t-shirt, yeah. What'd you want, hobbit?" Sean's a big fan of games, usually. Makes things more fun. Let Elijah chase him without knowing what he's getting into, pretend he didn't care when Orlando up and left him for Viggo, flirt with Dominic until the bloody Manc's head is spinning. But he's tired, and it's late, and Billy's hardly been on his radar until tonight, and Sean's just not in the bloody mood for this.

"Elijah talks," Billy says, and reaches down to set his pint on the floor. Sean raises an eyebrow. He knows Elijah talks. Sean made him talk, too - made him scream while Sean fucked him into the bed. But what he's been talking about to Billy is beyond Sean's guess.

Instead of answering, Billy takes three steps across the bathroom, fists a hand in Sean's hair so tightly there's a shot of pain through Sean's scalp, and kisses him.

Billy's so sure of himself, so forceful, his tongue all over Sean's lips and teeth, that Sean has no option but to kiss back, desperately. Billy hums against his mouth, bites down on the corner of Sean's lower lip and pulls away. Sean blinks. Billy's leaning on the wall by the sinks now, his pupils dilated and his eyes sleepy and unreadable, and he's smirking at Sean.

Sean is on his knees, his hand at the button of Bill's jeans, before he has time to think about it. Then Billy's cock is hard and hot and heavy in his hand, and he skips the thinking entirely. Sean's always believed there's no place for rational thought in shagging, and he's not about to change that idea now.

He's been here before, in the dingy loo of a dingy pub, with a wee Scottish bloke staring down at him - but that wee Scottish bloke was a stranger, a drunk pull not worth smuggling out to his car, and this is Billy, who Sean is discovering has a whole bloody lot going on underneath that calm exterior.

On his knees, Billy staring at him with his arms crossed like he's waiting for an answer Sean's not got, Sean gives Billy's cock a desperate twist and tug, just one. He's rewarded with a shudder from Billy, and he pulls again, hard. Billy groans and one hand comes up to fist in Sean's hair.

Sean knows that Billy thinks he's in control of this, but the fact of the matter is, Sean's got Billy Boyd exactly where he wants him.

He swallows Billy's cock all the way down to the base in one practiced motion, tightens his free hand around Billy's bollocks, and begins to suck. His other hand pins Billy's hips against the wall when Billy tries to thrust into his mouth. It only takes four or five strokes before Billy's spilling into the back of his throat, groaning and thrusting and shoving hard enough against Sean's restraining hand that he's left bruises on himself; Sean wasn't going to grab hard enough to mark, not for a blowjob in a public loo, but it doesn't mean he won't enjoy the bruises that bloom across Billy's hips.

Billy yanks Sean to his feet before Sean's even finished swallowing, his hands rough in Sean's hair, and kisses him thoroughly. Billy's tongue chases the taste of cum and beer out of Sean's mouth and his hands are tight and possessive in his hair. When Billy finishes and pulls away from the kiss, he looks up at Sean through his eyelashes, with the sort of coy look that pushy bottoms often get - the sort of look that seemed childish and too large on Elijah's large blue eyes. Elijah, for all he liked what he'd gotten himself into with Sean, always seemed to be playing at it.

Billy's the real thing, and the look on his face right at that moment tell Sean that Billy knows all the tricks Sean keeps up his sleeves, and maybe a couple more.

He wastes no time in hauling Billy through the back door of the pub.

For all Sean knows, the half empty pint is still sitting on the floor of the loo. He doesn't really care one way or the other about it, to be quite frank.

Wasted beer is absolutely nothing compared to a hobbit tying him to the bed.


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