all i wanted was the dream

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: LOTR RPF
Characters: Dom
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, made it all up, fiction, etc.
Summary: "I wanted laughs and lots of lovers and limitless wealth, and someone to say, 'You're better than everybody else'."

It's all true what he says in interviews; he started acting because his parents wanted somewhere for him to put all his excess energy. But Dom learned quickly that there's a whole lot of energy you get back from acting, too, not just what you put it. It's all a big rush, nailing something funny or touching or honest, whether it's on stage or film or just a joke in your mate's kitchen.

Other people, it's art or it's work or sometimes, like with Viggo, it's a little of column a and a little of column b. For Dom, it's both of those and above all else, acting is about the adrenaline rush underneath everything you do on stage and screen. It's better than coke, better than speed, better than drinking ‘til the room spins. It's all a big laugh, and when he gets the part in Rings, it's a dream come true - loads of cash to do something he loves.

He swears he'll quit the business as soon as it stops being fun, but he can't imagine that it will ever stop being fun - too many laughs in Hollywood to lose sight of something like enjoying yourself, after all.


It stops being fun for a good long time in L.A., after Rings, when he can't get work and he's living in Elijah's mum's pool house, kipping on a couch and trying desperately to find something to do with himself that isn't sitting around and moping.

Sleeping his way around Los Angeles isn't necessarily a hobby, but at least it's something to do with his time.

He's very discreet about the whole thing, and it's all a good time; the girls are pretty and willing, and the boys are prettier and even more willing. The quality of his trysts ranges from drunken and bloody awful to rolling on ecstasy and pretty damn brilliant, and he sends every one of them off the next morning with a "ta, it was great, no, no, I'll call you!" and a pat on the arse.

It's a cliché, but it's all really bloody empty and he can think of at least ten things he'd rather be doing than shagging strangers. After a while, it isn't satisfying to be "wait, which hobbit were you again?" and he quits the whole scene.

He misses the human affection side of it, though, and that's what actually hurts.


Money's not the problem. Money's never been the problem.

It's the people who turn up when you've got money who're the bloody problem.

Dom has more "friends" in Los Angeles than he's had anywhere, ever, and he's always been a likeable bloke, if he does say so himself. People like him, and he's always had people around to call his mates, real mates, people he trusts.

He didn't expect the strangers who turn up knowing who he is, never mind he's not seen them before in his entire life, but they turn up and they act like they're old mates, and they expect him to have the cash for whatever it is they want.

It's disconcerting, and hands down it's his least favorite part of this whole being famous thing. The only bit he doesn't like at all. He's glad to have money, glad to finally have the work to not have to worry about money. Still - it's getting harder to tell who's sticking around because they think Dom's a right good bloke, and who's around because Dom's a bloke with more cash than most.

He thinks his bullshit detector's gone haywire, because he just can't tell the difference anymore.


It isn't just that he and Billy aren't working on the same projects anymore; it's that they're not even on the same continent half the time, much less in the same time zone. Phone calls at convenient times are hard enough when Dom's in Los Angeles, and when he adds Hawaii to the mix, most of the time he can't even remember how many hours apart Honolulu and Glasgow actually are.

He calls Billy in the middle of the night a lot, and not always by intentionally irritating design. He just can't remember that it's the middle of the night, because it's sunset on the beach and he's just so pleased to be alive sometimes, so he calls.

When Billy answers, he sounds sleepy and slow, and he calls Dominic a lot of things like "daft wanker" and "fuckin' mad bugger" and complains that he was sleeping, can't Dom tell time, but it's the way he says them that tells Dom he doesn't mind, and he's always glad to hear Dom's voice.

Dom is always glad to hear Billy's voice, as well. Hollywood's a mad, mad world, and it's easier to navigate if someone loves you more than everyone else.


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