There's A Girl Going Crazy About You (And I'm Not Far Behind)

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Through 10x08, "Memento Mori".
Summary: Cam hadn't known that you could smirk and kiss at the same time, but if anybody could, it would be Vala. Follows you can buy her things now by several weeks. 5900 words.

Everyone on base knew that Jackson was sleeping with Vala -- the extent of the discussion Cam had with Jackson about it had gone like this: Cam said, "Don't let this mess up the team," and Jackson said, cryptically, "It didn't before, did it?" -- but Cam didn't see why this meant that they got to make out like teenagers in the backseat of his car, especially since Cameron wasn't getting laid and hadn't gotten laid in months.

Jackson was drunk, at least, but Cam was pretty sure that Vala was indulging Jackson's stupid hormones just to get to Cameron. She kept meeting his eyes in the rear view mirror and smirking, and Cam hadn't known that you could smirk and kiss at the same time, but if anybody could, it would be Vala.

Cam knew that he should keep his eyes on the road -- it was midnight on a Friday, there were plenty of drunks out there driving their cars, instead of just kissing aliens in the back of Cam's -- but he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the rear view mirror and the free porn show going on back there. Stopped at a red light, Vala caught his eye again and pulled away from Jackson, one hand still twisted in his hair while he mouthed his way down her neck. She said to Cam, "Why don't you join us? It would have to be more fun than just watching."

Cameron heard Jackson snicker against Vala's jaw, and watched her stroke one hand down the back of Jackson's neck. Cam thought about being sandwiched between the two of them, Vala's curvy hips under his hands and Jackson's flat chest pressed up against Cam's back, and shuddered, trying to squelch down the shiver of lust the thought sent through his brain and straight to his dick. "Then who'd drive the car?" he said, trying to keep his voice light.

"Daniel has been explaining the Tau'ri adolescent concept of parking to me," Vala said. Jackson had his face between her breasts, now, and Cam could see his stubble rasping red stripes across her skin. When Jackson shifted, licking against her collarbone, he gave Cam a clear view of his hand, underneath Vala's tank top, and Cameron knew a thumb stroking across a nipple when he saw one.

"I'm not going to go parking with you and Jackson," Cam said, and the light turned green. He sucked in a deep breath and pulled his eyes away from Vala's, put them back on the road, and pulled through the intersection. Cam had no idea where he was going -- he'd just noticed that he missed the turnoff for Jackson's apartment two lights back, because he really hadn't been paying any attention at all -- and he wasn't sure how Teal'c had drawn the easy task of driving a sober Sam home before heading back to the Mountain, while Cam had ended up with shepherding Miss Lust Crazed 2006 and a drunk archeologist back to Jackson's apartment duty.

"Oh, why not?" Vala said. "It would be fun."

"We wouldn't all fit in the backseat, for one thing," Cameron said, and Daniel pulled his head away from Vala's neck and peered at Cam, very drunkenly, through his glasses, which were sitting askew on Jackson's nose, no doubt having slid sideways while Jackson was groping Vala's breasts with his face.

"You're just not thinking creatively," Jackson slurred.

"Daniel's right," Vala said. "I can think of several places to put your thighs, just off the top of my head."

Cam flushed, and gulped. He could feel the blush burning straight up to the tips of his ears and prayed, desperately, that the car was dark enough that Vala didn't notice -- and twice again that Jackson didn't. Vala had pulled her eyes away from Cameron's in the mirror, staring down at Jackson like she wanted to eat him alive and was trying to decide where to start, but Jackson was still staring at Cam in the mirror. Jackson had taken his glasses off, and he was squinting, like he did when he was tired and when he was thinking about something, trying to connect point A to point F in his brain.

Not that Cameron had spent a lot of time thinking about Jackson's expression. Cam wasn't gay, wasn't even quietly bisexual or just not picky like some of the guys he'd known when he was still serving duty overseas, and he'd never felt an attraction to a guy like he did to Jackson before this. He tried not to think about it, because it made him feel distinctly queasy and unsettled, something he wanted but felt like he shouldn't.

Vala was safe; Vala was curvy and gorgeous and female and clearly willing, if Jackson's laid back, well-fucked demeanor of the last couple of weeks was any indication, and when Cameron went home to his apartment at night, he couldn't help himself. Sometimes he lay in bed and jerked off and thought about Vala's tits in that tight black leather get-up she favored before Carter took her shopping for more presentable clothing -- and lately, Jackson had been sliding in his fantasies, rasping his stubble against Cameron's face when he leaned in and kissed Cam while Vala was on top of Cam.

The part that made Cam the queasiest was that he always enjoyed it, too -- he'd been coming harder and faster and sooner when he thought about kissing Jackson, thought about rubbing his dick against Jackson's thigh. He was too old to have a crisis of sexuality, even if it was just a crisis of one particularly annoying alien-loving archeologist. He liked Jackson; he liked Jackson a lot. The guy was funny, in a really dry sort of way, and competent and interesting, and even when Cameron wasn't thinking about Jackson kissing him, Cam couldn't deny that he knew that Jackson was pretty good looking, too.

At least Vala thought so -- she liked Jackson enough to sleep with him, and she'd said it herself, the first day she saw them together. Cam and Jackson looked alike, enough to be related, and Cam knew at the back of his head that wanting Jackson despite the physical resemblance to himself was a little weird, but no weirder than Cam wanting a man, and he was coming to terms with that, wasn't he?

He was. And Jackson was good looking, even if he wasn't Cameron's normal curvy female sort of partner.

"I think Mitchell can think of some places to put his thighs, too," Jackson finally said to Vala, dropping his gaze from Cameron in the mirror. Vala snickered.

"Geez, Jackson, you've got a dirty mind when you're drunk," Cam said, pulling his eyes away from Jackson's mouth back on Vala's neck, sucking at a pulse point.

"He's always got a dirty mind," Vala said cheerfully, winking at Cameron. "He just hides it well when he's sober."

Cameron put his eyes back on the road, but Vala murmured something low to Jackson in the backseat and then there were more soft kissing noises. Cam turned the radio up and turned right, randomly, where the road split off from the main drag in Colorado Springs. He wasn't heading anywhere near Jackson's place and he knew it, but Cameron was still half-hard from thinking about Vala's -- and Jackson's -- proposition, and he wasn't hardly thinking at all.

The road started to climb, and the car's motor started to growl, fighting against the altitude, which made Cameron blink and notice where he was actually heading. Up a mountain, toward one of the look out points that surveyed the city. "All right, lovebirds," he said to the backseat, trying not to stare in the mirror. "We're going to go somewhere you can get this out of your system."

"What," Vala said, "and not out of yours?"

"No," Cameron said.

"Mitchell, you're no fun," Jackson said, and then he leered at Cameron in the mirror, like Jackson had been taking lessons from Vala. "Is it me, or is it Vala?"

"What?" Cam sputtered.

"You're not interested in one of us," Jackson said. "Is it me, or is it Vala?"

"Don't ask, don't tell, Jackson," Cam said. Vala was snickering quietly in the backseat, and when she met Cam's eyes in the mirror, he glared at her. "Not to mention the fact that screwing around with two people in a relationship, both of whom also happen to be under my command, is really low on my list of fun things to do on a Friday night."

"She's an alien," Jackson said. "And I'm a civilian. Poor excuses, Mitchell."

Vala laughed out loud, and Cameron wrenched the car off the road and into the nearest overlook parking lot. He turned off the engine and twisted around in his seat, staring down at Jackson and Vala, twined together in the backseat with their clothing all askew, and trying to fight down the urge to crawl back there with them. His dick was completely hard, pressed against the edge of the seat, and Jackson looked wanton and Vala looked seductive.

"Is he always this much trouble?" Cam asked Vala.

"Oh, absolutely," Vala purred, reaching out a hand and dragging her nails along Cameron's arm. "But I think you knew that, didn't you?"

"Mitchell, don't you like me anymore?" Jackson said, his voice muffled and coming from somewhere in the region of Vala's well-displayed cleavage.

"Jackson, are you a teenage girl?" Cameron snapped. His dick was throbbing, and his head was pounding, and Vala was still running her fingernails up and down his arm, and now Jackson was licking the top curve of Vala's left breast in the backseat of Cam's car while Cam stared down at him.

General O'Neill had said that working on SG-1 was weird, but he hadn't said exactly how weird.

Before Cam could get an answer to his question, or figure out how to get himself out of the situation, Vala pulled her hand off his arm, wrapped it around the back of Cam's neck, and kissed him.

Holy shit, Cam thought, and his dick twitched, echoing the thought. Vala kissed like she meant business, tongue in Cam's mouth and teeth scraping against his lower lip, and he was kissing her back before he could think twice. Blood was pounding in his ears, and the tiny rational part of his brain that was left was frantically screaming about all the reasons it was a seriously bad idea to go to bed with Vala and Jackson, especially in the backseat of his car in a public place, but over all that noise, Cam heard Jackson make a low, pleased noise in the back of his throat.

Cam managed to pull his mouth away from Vala's and pressed a hand down on his dick, trying to shift it underneath the tight denim of his jeans. He was so hard his dick hurt, and Vala had sunk back down to the backseat and was kissing Jackson hungrily while Jackson's hands roamed underneath her shirt.

Cam couldn't pull his eyes away from them, and while he was trying to, Vala shifted, taking one hand out of Jackson's hair and thumbing open the button of Jackson's jeans.

He was definitely staring now, and he was definitely turned on, and he couldn't make himself get out of the car and give them some privacy to -- and he's not sure why this sounded like a good plan, but it did, let them fuck in his car and he'd jerk off to the idea of it later -- fuck in the backseat of his car, like he'd planned to.

Cam tried to find a place to look that wasn't the spot where Vala's hand was stroking inside Jackson's boxers, the spot were Jackson's mouth was kissing below Vala's ear, and focused on his own hands, digging into the driver's seat so hard his knuckles were white. He could still feel his own pulse pounding hard, in his ears and in his dick, and his mouth was dry.

"Shit," he said, and he didn't even know he'd said it out loud until Vala turned, her hand slowing but not stopping, and looked at him with amusement. Jackson's head stayed bent, and in the dark car, Cam could see the flash of Jackson's teeth as they closed on Vala's ear, tugging at the lobe.

She groaned a little, her free hand stroking down Jackson's neck, and then smiled at Cameron over the top of Jackson's bent head. "Plenty of room," she said. "And at least a couple of free hands, to take care of you, too."

"Jesus Christ," Cameron said. He tried not to curse, tried to remember his grandmother washing his mouth out with soap whenever he took the Lord's name in vain, but his grandma had never been trapped in the car with a horny archeologist and a seductive alien, Cam was pretty damn sure about that.

"No, just us," Vala said, and she tugged Jackson's mouth back up to hers, speeding her hand up again and kissing Jackson sloppily, so that Cam could see her tongue licking at the inside of Jackson's lower lip.

Cam had a brief, seriously dirty thought about other things that Vala could do with that mouth, and forced his hands to let go of the seat. He twisted, trying to slide between the seats into the back, but no matter what Vala thought, the backseat wasn't made for three people, and he stuck between the front two seats, close enough to touch but not close enough to really enjoy it, and he huffed out a breath, frustrated and freaked out and frantically horny.

Jackson and Vala both looked over at him, and Vala smiled a smug little smile. Cameron knew that smile, it was the smile Vala wore when she thought she'd won a great prize. He guessed that she had; Jackson and Cam both, Cam wasn't stupid, he knew there were plenty of women in the Mountain who'd love to have one or both of them in their beds. Cam knew for sure, because he'd heard plenty of sighs when the news started to spread that Jackson and Vala were fucking.

The thought flashed through his mind that he was the lucky one, to get Jackson and Vala both, and he snorted at the idea. He was horny, and once upon a time before his life got weird, Cam had maybe been a romantic, but he'd never thought about his sex life in terms of luck before he met Vala -- or Jackson.

Jackson and Vala traded a look, and Cam almost pulled a muscle in his neck looking between them like they were a particularly sexy tennis match, and then Jackson stretched out a hand and squeezed Cam's dick.

Cam said, "Uh," and almost lost his balance -- if he hadn't been wedged so firmly between the seats, he'd have fallen face-first right into Jackson's crotch or Vala's cleavage.

Not that either of those places was such a bad place to be, he thought dizzily, and Jackson grinned wolfishly up at Cam before undoing the top button on Cam's jeans, pressing down on Cam's dick with the palm of his hand all the while. Jackson shifted, leaning forward in opening the second button on Cam's fly. Vala twisted around, sliding behind Jackson and hooking her chin over his shoulder, watching interestedly while Jackson opened Cam's jeans and Vala's hand slid back inside Jackson's, tugging Jackson's dick free. Jackson's dick was hard, thick, slick at the head. Cam couldn't stop staring, because he'd seen plenty of dicks in his lifetime, in and out of locker rooms for nearly half his life, and maybe he was a prude, but he'd never see someone else's dick hard, with a hand wrapped around it, Vala's intentions completely clear in the lazy movement of her wrist, up and down.

"Uh," Cam said again, as Jackson popped the third button. He was still staring at Jackson's cock, and Vala's hand, and Cam was glad that Jackson was taking his time, because he was pretty sure that he was going to come hard the minute anybody touched him. He was straight, he wanted Vala, these were facts -- and the thought of wrapping his own hands around Jackson's dick, the thought of Jackson's hands on his dick, made Cameron so horny his head was starting to spin. Rethinking his sexual orientation at 35, because of a mouthy civilian -- god, O'Neill really hadn't mentioned this part. "Uh," he said again, "who's going to -- "

Jackson got the last button open, and stroked his thumb up Cam's dick, still trapped uncomfortably in his boxers. "Who's going to what, Mitchell?"

"Uh," Cam said, because Jackson was rubbing little circles against that spot on the head of Cam's cock and Cam's brain, what was left of it, which wasn't much, was draining out into his pants pretty quickly. "If you're here," he said, "and she's got her hand in your pants, who's going to take care of her?"

"Aren't you the gentleman, Cameron?" Vala purred. It was dark in the car, moonlight only partially streaming in through the treeline, but not so dark that Cam couldn't see Vala's fingers tightening around Jackson's cock, see the way that Jackson's hips were jerking underneath Vala's hand, not so noisy that Cameron couldn't hear Jackson's moan when Vala ran her thumb across the head of Jackson's dick. "Daniel," Vala said, "is very good with his mouth, I'll have you know."

Hearing Vala say that, hearing the implications of blowjobs, of Vala's head between Jackson's thighs and Jackson's between hers, snapped Cameron's mind back into place. He was about to have sex with a man and an alien, in the backseat of his car, which wasn't built to hold two people, much less three.

Wasn't built to hold two people in love like Jackson and Vala and their third wheel, Lt. Colonel Can't-Get-Laid-On-His-Own.

"Shit," Cam said, jerking backwards into the steering wheel, one hand scrambling for the door handle while the other scrambled to do up his pants. "Shit, I can't -- "

He fumbled the door opened and practically fell out the door, not listening for anything that might be said behind him, and slammed the door shut. His chest was heaving and his hands were shaking as he did up his pants, and Cam walked to the edge of the overlook when he had the buttons fastened again. His dick was still rock hard and he could still see the image of Jackson on his knees, mouth around Cam's dick, in the back of his head. "Shit," he said again, staring out over the city.

He was expecting to hear the car shifting while Jackson and Vala fucked in the backseat; he wasn't expecting to hear the doors open, and then slam, and then footsteps on the gravel behind him.

"Mitchell," Jackson said, and stopped. Cam twitched, but didn't give in to the urge to turn around. "Cameron," Jackson said, softer, and Cam hadn't heard his first name out of Jackson's mouth in any way quite like that before, and he turned.

Vala was lounging on the hood of the car like a pin-up girl. Carter -- or maybe even Jackson, nobody was telling and Cam certainly wasn't asking -- had taken her shopping, and she'd been favoring low-slung jeans that hugged her ass and low-cut tops that hugged her tits. Laid out on the hood of Cameron's car, she looked good enough to eat.

And Jackson, elbow on the roof of the car and hip cocked out like some kind of archeologist rent boy, almost did, too.

Which was a thought weird enough to make Cam's head hurt, but not weird enough to make his dick stop throbbing in his jeans.

"What the hell do you two want?" Cameron said. He took a step back toward the car and stopped, looking at Vala spread out on his car like a buffet and Jackson, his head turned down to Vala and the moonlight shining down across the curve of Jackson's jaw. Cam didn't know how he'd started out going for a beer and ended up in his own private porn flick, and he felt sort of like he should be more worried than he was.

When Jackson and Vala exchanged a smirking little glance, Cam gulped and thought, a lot more worried, but I'm not. "What do we want?" Jackson said.

"That's easy," Vala said. "You."

"Oh," Cameron said. "Oh."

"Now he gets the picture," Jackson said, and he levered himself off the car and -- prowled was the only word Cam had for the way Jackson moved. Jackson stopped in front of Cam and hooked a finger into the beltloops on Cam's jeans, tugging Cam forward as Jackson walked backwards. Jackson stopped when his knees hit the bumper, and Cam saw Vala wriggle on the hood of the car behind Jackson's back. "There," Jackson said, sounding satisfied, and he shimmied out from between Cameron and the car. From between Cameron and Vala, who slid down the hood until her ass was pressed against Cam's crotch. She wiggled enticingly, and Cam couldn't help but thrust against her.

Vala laughed, and reached out a hand to Cam. He took it, and she pulled herself up, pressing her chest against his and tilting her head up. "Well?" she said.

"Well, what?" Cam said, because he didn't know where to put his hands, and he didn't really know what he was supposed to do when one -- two -- of his team members was seducing him.

"Are you going to kiss me?" Vala said, low and throaty, and when Cameron bent his head and wrapped a hand in her hair and kissed her, he heard Jackson somewhere behind him, making a pleased noise low in his throat.

He lost track of Jackson, drowning in Vala's mouth and her movements as she shifted, slithering up to the edge of the hood and wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him tighter. Cam got lost in her kisses, rough and hot and as needy as Vala herself has been since she came back from her run-in with Athena and NID and the memory wiping, and he had almost forgotten that Jackson was there entirely, until Jackson pressed up behind him, chest flat against Cameron's back and hands sliding down to the buttons on Cam's jeans.

Cam jerked backed against Jackson, pulling away from Vala's mouth, and she made a sad noise as he did, fisting her hands in the front of his t-shirt and peering up at him with that lost little girl expression that made her so frustrating and so fascinating, all at once. "Relax," she said. "It's just Daniel."

"I know," Cameron said, and his voice came out in a stutter. "I know, it's just, I know, okay?"

Jackson laughed, breath warm against Cam's ear and then teeth, Jackson's teeth, biting down at the edge of Cameron's jaw. Cam tried to remember how to breathe, with Vala's hands sneaking up under his t-shirt, her fingers brushing across a nipple and sliding down his sides, while Jackson pulled back, the gentlest scrape of teeth against Cam's neck, and then kissed it, kissed the spot he'd just been worrying with his teeth. "Relax," Jackson said, his hands moving from Cam's jeans, up to tangle with Vala's as they played across Cam's chest.

"That's the problem," Cam managed to get out, and then someone's hands, he couldn't even tell whose anymore, someone's fingers slid across his left nipple, a tiny brush of pressure and then gone. "God," he said, hearing the desperate sigh in his own voice. "God."

"No, darling, it's just us," Vala said. Her voice was muffled, and when Cam looked down, her face was pressed against his stomach, one hand still under his shirt and the other deftly undoing his jeans. Cam couldn't do anything but shiver and drop his head back against Jackson's shoulder, and Vala's hands were cool and smooth as she wrapped one around his dick. Her hands were cool and Jackson's mouth was warm as he kissed Cam's jaw.

Jackson was still wrapped around Cam from behind, his hands stretched across Cam's chest and one thumb rubbing across Cam's left nipple idly, as though Jackson had no idea that he was sending shocks of pleasure shooting through Cam's body every time he moved his hand. Cam could feel Jackson's dick pressed up against his ass, thick and hard and hot through Jackson's jeans, and when Jackson pulled away, moving his hips (but not his hands) to let Vala tug Cam's jeans, his boxers, down to his knees, Cam's legs almost gave almost way. He groaned, getting hit with too many feelings all at once -- Vala's hands pressing against his skin, the cool air rushing over his dick (which was bobbing right out in the open now, and if Cam had been in more of his right mind, he'd have been embarrassed by the fact that he was getting played by these two, in public, no less), the absence of the press of Jackson's hips against Cam's ass.

"Yeah," Jackson muttered against Cam's neck, and Cam closed his eyes when Vala started to wriggle around. He turned his head blindly back to Jackson, straining his neck and aiming for where Jackson's mouth should be and might not be. Cam was desperate for someone to hold onto, someone who'd hold onto him, and when he heard Vala's boots, her jeans hit the ground, he opened his mouth and aimed for Jackson. Jackson kissed more restrained than Vala, but Cam was just as happy to lose himself in Jackson's mouth when Vala's steady, smooth hands were slicking a condom onto Cam's dick, and when her legs were sliding around his hips, locking together behind Jackson's ass.

Jackson just kept kissing him, hands roaming idling across Cam's chest, soothing and steadying, and Cam dropped his own hands down blindly, reaching for Vala's face, her shoulders, her hips, something to hold on to when she shimmied across the hood and wrapped a hand around his cock and positioned him, so that when she shimmied one last time, he slid into her in a single smooth movement. "Oh, fuck," he said against Jackson's kisses, and when Vala groaned and ground against him, Cam could feel Jackson's smile against his mouth.

Cam couldn't get his hips to move, he felt frozen in place with Vala's hands on hips and his dick buried inside her, but Jackson pulled back and hooked his chin over Cam's shoulder, and Cam knew without opening his eyes that he was staring down at where Cam had his cock balls-deep in Jackson's girlfriend. "Go on, then," Jackson said, and his voice was hoarse and low, and Jackson sounded about as turned on as Cam felt, like his head was about to blow off.

"Uh," Cam said, and opened his eyes again. Vala was propped up on one elbow, twitching her hips against his own and sending little tremors up his dick, rubbing one of his hips with the very tips of her fingers. Jackson pressed against Cam harder, rubbing his dick against Cam's ass like he was trying to push Cam's dick further into Vala, and Jackson's breath was hot against Cam's neck, and so Cam blinked, twice, and pulled back and thrust into Vala slowly, once, just to try and get his brain back online, and then it was all over.

Vala writhed and grabbed his hip so hard Cam was sure there were going to be bruises tomorrow, and Cam felt like he's lost his mind completely. Vala was hot, and wet, and Jackson was pressing against Cam's ass insistently, and Cam just let go. "Gods, yes, that's it, darling," Vala said, and he slid a hand from her hips up under her shirt, cupping a breast and listening to her breath speed up as he did. She clenched around him, and Cam felt fifteen years old, unable to last more than five minutes, and when he felt the shudders start to run through her body, tightening rhythmically around his dick, he sped up, watched Vala's face twist with pleasure, felt Jackson thrust harder against Cam's own ass.

When Jackson shuddered against Cam's back, his hands tightening on Cam's chest, and said, "Oh, fuck, yes, come on, Mitchell," Cam sped up, pounding against Vala, and ran his thumb across her nipple. Jackson shuddered again, convulsively, Vala clenched around Cameron, threw her head back, and screamed, and Cam's vision grayed out, his knees buckled and he came so hard he saw stars behind his eyes, laid over the image of Jackson pressed against his back and Vala spread out on the hood of his car below him.

Cam breathed heavily for a couple of minutes, with Jackson still wrapped around him, while Vala pulled the condom off his dick carefully, and wriggled around, pulling her jeans back on and shoving her feet into her boots. Cam was standing at a public overlook in Colorado Springs with his dick hanging out and he didn't care, because Jackson was murmuring in some other language, something Cameron couldn't make out and didn't really want to, his mouth pressed against Cam's neck.

Cam snapped back into his brain when Vala slid between him and the car, tugging his boxers back up carefully, and then his jeans. She buttoned them up with her eyes fixed on Cam's face, and when she was finished, she tucked one hand into Cam's back pocket. Cam saw Jackson twist his head, look down at Vala, and Vala reached up with her free hand, past Cameron, and kissed Daniel thoroughly. "All right?" she said, fingers stroking across Jackson's cheekbone.

Cam felt like an intruder, caught between two people who were in love (or something like it), and he tried to move away, crawl out from between them and figure out what the hell he'd just fucked up (fucked up by fucking, and God, his fucking life was just unbelievable sometimes) in the privacy of his own car, but Vala gripped his hip through his jeans and held him there.

"Yes," Jackson said, and he kissed Vala again, once, gently. "I put Mitchell's ass to good use," with a laugh in his voice.

"Hey," Cam said.

Vala laughed. "Not the best use, though."

"Hey," Cameron said, and then Jackson snorted, and Vala dropped her head against Cam's chest and laughed, and Cam was trapped between crazy people, that's what it was, but he couldn't do anything but laugh himself, with Vala's hands in his pockets and Jackson's arms around his chest, and so Cam did -- he laughed, and all the awkwardness that he'd expected to feel evaporated, sailed up to the stars in the sky on the sound of two people who were in love with each other and who, for whatever reason loved Cam too, laughing.


author's notes: title from the whitlams, "buy now, pay later (charlie no. two)". my default team leader and her 2IC did beta duty. love and kisses for both of them.

feedback always welcome.

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