Terrible and True

Author: Minervacat
Fandom: Angel: the Series
Pairing: Cordy/Lilah with a side of Faith.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Through “You’re Welcome”, give or take. Late S5. AU from “Calvary” – let’s say Angelus really did vamp Lilah, shall we?
Archiving: My site, Notorious, and Cordy Slash. Everyone else, ask first, please.
Disclaimer: All fiction, and Joss's, not mine, yo.
Summary: Lesbian vampire stripper bar porn? Check.
Author’s notes: Written for JennyO, who wanted “vamped Cordy/Lilah with stripper Faith behind plexiglass”, for the Cordelia Chase Slash Ficathon. Betaed enthusiastically by Manda. No vampires were harmed in the writing of this fic.

“this love I have for you is terrible and true”
- the Pernice Brothers, “Weakest Shade Of Blue”

When Lilah focused on the girl behind the glass, she knew there was no way this evening could end well.

Cordelia was lounging in a chair, staring up at Faith shimmying in a plexiglass cage in the corner of the room, with a predatory look twitching at the corners of her mouth. “Baby,” she called to Lilah, over the thumping music. “Doesn’t this one look familiar? I could swear I’d seen her before. In an orange jumpsuit, maybe.”

Lilah crossed from the bar and pushed a glass of champagne into Cordelia’s hand. She wasn’t sure if the girls could hear behind that glass, but she wasn’t going to miss the chance to play with someone who’d fucked her over. “I offered her the chance to have a lot more fun than this, but she went running to that big broody boss of yours instead.”

“Ex-boss,” Cordy replied and sipped at the champagne.

“Ex-boss, whatever. She cried in the alley in the rain and everything, like a big fallen hero. It was a sight to see.” Lilah stared at Faith intently, her words more for the girl than Cordelia. Faith’s movements hitched just a bit, throwing her gyrations out of time with the music pounding through the speakers and giving away the fact that she could, in fact, hear them. Lilah pitched her voice even louder and sneered. “Point being, she’s in there and we’re out here, and can you guess who’s having more fun?”

“We are, of course.” Cordelia pulled Lilah into her lap and ran a hand up her thigh. Faith had found the beat again and didn’t stop dancing, but her dark eyes widened and she stared back, her gaze half challenging and half full of lust.

Lilah dipped her head to bite a path up Cordy’s exposed neck, appreciating the low-cut corset on the other woman, leaving rapidly darkening purple bruises where her mouth had been. She turned back to stare at Faith with a predator’s gaze in her eyes. “What do you say about showing her exactly how much fun we can have, gorgeous?”

Cordelia murmured her assent into Lilah’s seeking mouth and Lilah reached out for a passing waitress without even looking up. Snagging a finger in the girl’s exposed garter, she tugged the startled girl towards her. “Do the girls ever come out from behind the glass, lovely?” The girl stared, apparently frightened, at the two women tangled in front of her. Lilah pulled her eyes from Cordelia and stared down the waitress. “Oh, come on, don’t look at us like that. We don’t bite.”

“At least not hard,” Cordelia purred. Lilah knew if she looked, Cordelia’s eyes would be glinting gold underneath the brown.

“Um,” the waitress stammered. “Sometimes. You could have a private room. I’d have to get my boss.”

Lilah let the garter snap back against her leg; the girl jumped, rattling the empty glasses on her tray. “Well, then go get your boss, pretty. We’re interested in seeing that one.” She flipped a lazy, well-manicured finger in Faith’s direction. Lilah watched Faith’s back stiffen and grinned at her, baring teeth in a nasty smile. Faith sneered back, twisting her features into something ugly and inhuman, and giving away her first real reaction. Lilah simply kept smiling.

They settled cash – a surprisingly large chunk; apparently Faith was in demand – and time with the trembling waitress’s burly boss, who looked Lilah and Cordelia up and down like they were a pair of rare steaks. He slurred something about making good money behind the glass, if they were interested, and Lilah fixed him with a terrifying glare before murmuring that they were already in a pretty lucrative business.

After the two women established themselves in the dim and dirty private room, Faith stood close to the door, sneering in their direction and exuding bravado so thick Lilah could smell it. She launched into her “no touching – no asking – no exceptions” speech before Lilah was on her feet and snarling in her face. “Skip it, Faith. Cordy and I know the deal.”

Faith spat in her face. Lilah wiped the glob off her face delicately with the back of her hand and smiled. “I wouldn’t play like that if I were you, Faith. You couldn’t snap us like most mortals, after all.”

“What are you two doing here, together?” Faith snapped, impatient, standing toe to toe with Lilah. Her 5 inch heels nearly gave her the advantage in height, despite being several inches smaller than Lilah in bare feet.

“Why don’t you show the nice Slayer what I got you for your birthday, Cordelia? I think she’d be most interested.” Cordy smiled slowly, her eyes hooded and unreadable. She bared her teeth at Faith and growled, and then shook her head. Features sliding in a familiar way, eyes turning golden, Cordelia lifted her head and stared Faith down with a vampire’s gaze.

Lilah stepped back to watch Faith grope frantically across her body and come up empty-handed. Her relaxes were dull; Lilah could smell liquor underneath the fear and courage. She reached out a hand to snap one of Faith’s garters, and Faith looked up from her empty hands, a faint glaze of terror on her eyes. Terror and lust, though Lilah wasn’t sure if it was lust for the fight or for the fuck. Faith had been so careful to tell her how fighting turned her on, when Lilah had offered her Wolfram and Hart’s out from prison years ago. It was a piece of information Lilah had held onto carefully, and for a very long time.

“Not so brave without a stake, Slayer? There really isn’t any good place to put one in that outfit, is there? Not so smart to be without.” Faith’s body was tense under Lilah’s hand. She ran her fingers up Faith’s thigh gently while Faith never took her eyes off Cordelia, who was prowling idly in the corner. Faith shuddered under Lilah’s touch involuntarily.

“No,” she smirked, her voice tight and angry. “There really isn’t. The customers all complained when I wore it in my garter, though Angelus liked the look.”

“Ooooooh,” Lilah sneered. “Angelus liked the look? Next time you see the big lug, you should thank him. It’s his fault you’re in this mess without a stake – if he hadn’t done me a favor last spring, I couldn’t have sprung Ms. Chase from her unfortunate coma, and we wouldn’t be here tonight.” She smiled benignly at Faith, and her own features shifted, eyes glinting gold and forehead rippling. “Now, Faith, you should just hold still and let us have our fun, and if you’re very, very bad, we’ll let you walk out of here with all your own blood.”

An unspoken signal passed between Lilah and Cordy, and Cordelia stopped pacing to stride directly at Faith. Lilah slid behind Faith, gripping the Slayer’s arms tightly, and Faith made no move to break free. Lilah registered a hint of surprise at Faith’s lack of resistance, but not enough to keep her from trapping Faith’s wrists between them with one hand, and running her other hand down Faith’s stomach. Cordelia stopped 6 inches shy of Faith and met Lilah’s eyes over her shoulder. “We caught ourselves a Slayer, Lilah,” she purred.

Faith shuddered against Lilah. Lilah knew, from the way the girl tensed afterwards, that it was involuntary, but with Cordelia Chase’s voice washing over you like that, there wasn’t really anything you could do but shudder. “She’s a pretty one,” Lilah replied, sliding her hand lower across Faith’s abdomen to the hemline of Faith’s teddy. She ran a careful finger along Faith’s hip and down her inner thigh. Faith thrust back with a tiny motion, settling her ass against Lilah’s pelvis. Cordelia closed the gap between herself and Faith and bit Faith’s lip hard, drawing blood.

Faith twisted her wrists against Lilah’s grip, testing but not pushing. Lilah let her fingers over Faith’s crotch and Cordelia caught her mouth in a kiss that would leave bruises, blood dripping slowly between their mouths, Cordelia’s tongue working over the wound. Faith didn’t return it, but her struggles halted. Lilah twisted her hand and inched a finger underneath the lace of Faith’s lingerie. Faith writhed against her again, trying desperately to grind against Lilah’s hand. Her grip stopped Faith, but the girl’s enthusiasm was a turn-on. She dragged her fingernails slowly across Faith’s cunt, pressing down on the lace of her panties forcefully. Faith squirmed, and groaned low in her throat, as Cordelia licked and sucked her way across Faith’s neck.

Faith had tossed her head back against Lilah’s shoulder, a trail of blood running from one corner of her mouth down her chin, as Cordelia left slow-blossoming bruises along her collarbone. Lilah turned her own head, licked the blood from Faith’s chin with a slow, deliberate gesture, and, pulling aside the lace, thrust her fingers hard into Faith’s cunt.

Faith bucked against Lilah’s fingers, grinding down hard, and twisted her hands fiercely against Lilah’s grip. She cried out, not trying to disguise her pleasure, and as Lilah’s fingers worked over her clit, thrusting and stroking in alternate motions, Cordelia bit down, fangs extended, and began to drink. The teeth in her throat sent Faith over the edge, and she came with a wordless cry, thrashing wildly against both women.

She collapsed against Lilah’s chest, panting, eyes frantic, as Cordelia didn’t lift her head from Faith’s throat. Lilah knew Faith wanted to struggle. Behind the sated expression, her eyes were fierce with typically stupid Slayer courage, but the girl couldn’t – or wouldn’t. Never releasing her grip on Faith’s wrists, she lifted the hand that had rested on Faith’s thigh and ran a razor sharp nail across Cordelia’s bare shoulder. Blood welled and dripped slowly onto the floor, and Faith’s whole body hummed with unexpected pleasure against Lilah.

Cordy raised her head from Faith’s throat, fangs bloody, and stared down at the girl. “Go on,” she said, turning her body to present the fresh wound to Faith.

“Go on,” Lilah said. “You have to agree that we’re having much more fun than you.”

Faith spoke for the first time in minutes. “I suppose,” she said, choosing her words more carefully than she usually did, “I suppose this pays more than stripping, in the end.”

“And,” Cordelia murmured. “Didn’t we tell you it was more fun?”

Faith dropped her head to Cordelia’s shoulder and began to drink.

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