What Rest Means

Characters: Doyle POV
Timeline: Spoilers thru "Hero", Angel Season 1.
Disclaimer: Doyle isn't mine, and if he was, I wouldn't take credit for it. I'd be too busy licking him.
Date: 06/01/03

In Heaven, when Doyle sneezes, there are no spikes. When he can be bothered to stop and think about it, hešs amused by this ­ he supposes that the Scourgešs machine did what it was built to do. Burned the demon right out of him. Doylešs in heaven now and all his life all hešs ever wanted was to be rid of that spikey green half of himself. Now that itšs gone, he feels a little empty. Like hešs wandering through life without a point, like before he met Angel. He feels aimless in Heaven; is this what rest means?

(originally for Sunday 100)

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