Fear, Itself

Character: Faith POV, Wes
Timeline: Spoilers thru "Five by Five", Angel Season 1.
Disclaimer: Wes and Faith aren't mine, and if they were, I wouldn't take credit for it.
Date: 06/22/03

Faith can feel the palpable terror thudding through Wesleyıs veins. Every heartbeat sends her knife skipping across his neck. When the knife bites into his skin, she can feel his heartbeat rise, pounding out of control.

She yanks on his hair when he tries to pull away, and heıs gasping. Faith can smell the fear on him now. She can see it in his eyes. She yanks again, hard, for good measure.

He better be scared. Faithıs shaking in her boots, knowing that Angel is on his way to her. Faithıs scared, and Wesley wouldnıt like her when sheıs scared.

(originally for Sunday 100)

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