Pairing: Wes/Lilah
Timeline: Angel Season 4. No spoilers, only speculation.
Disclaimer: Wes and Lilah aren't mine, and if they were, I wouldn't take credit for it.
Date: 06/15/03

Somehow Wesley had known it would end like this, though he hadnšt believed it would.

Fact Number One: Lilah was dead.
Fact Number Two: He loved Lilah.
Fact Number Three: He still wanted her badly enough that he could hear her voice in his ear, see her standing before him. The sound of her voice had stirred desires he didnšt believe he still had.
Fact Number Four: Lilah was dead, and thinking thoughts about your recently deceased ex-something, was, well, deviant.

Wesley brought the ax down hard.

Itšs easiest to destroy the things you love when youšre quick about it.

(originally for Sunday 100)

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