Pairing: Faith/Wes
Timeline: Angel Season 4. No spoilers, only speculation.
Disclaimer: Wes and Faith aren't mine, and if they were, I wouldn't take credit for it.
Date: 05/11/03

When he walked out of the bathroom, after brushing his teeth, Faith was sitting on the corner of the bed, wrapped in a sheet, staring at her hands. He crossed the room to her side and sat down, careful not to startle her with touch. She'd been skittish as they'd fucked, jumping if he'd moved too fast.

Wes's voice broke her barrier. "What's wrong, Faith?"

"It's the first time … well, nobody has ever stayed before."

Wes put his arms around her and could feel her racing pulse against his body. "I won't leave until you tell me to."

(originally for Sunday 100)

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